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Get ready for our Spring 2011 issue - the Cute! issue

Cute bands!

Cute food!

Cute toys!

Cute art!

Cute violence!


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Permission's national launch party to celebrate our new distribution deal was Wednesday, Jan 6th at Club PM...

Huge thanks to everyone that came out for our national launch party - photos up now... Biggest thanks to the massive crew that worked to make the party a success, especially Nicole Romano and Andres Stickney for showing their faboo Spring & Summer lines. Watch for them both in the Summer issue, out this July. (not telling you the theme yet - buy our spring issue and write us a letter if you want to know the secret).

Permission's NYC launch party was Thursday, Jan 27th at Club NA. Our apologies to everyone who had to wait in the freezing line outside - thank you for coming out, the response was overwhelming. Photos up now.

The Winter issue (OUT NOW, hint hint) features Chiaki Kuriyama (Kill Bill, Battle Royale), filmmaker Greg Pak (Robot Story), Antenna Design, 9/11 memorial architect Masayuki Sono, exciting new fashion, Captured! By Robots, Her Space Holiday, I am Robot and Proud, the legendary Carlton Arms Hotel, and robots, robots, robots...

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Permission podcast was featured in the Feb. '10 SPIN Essential Mix

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